A Little About Us

Our Values:

Hope:  We pray daily that God will bring people our way to whom we can minister hope and the promise of a better future. This opportunity begins the moment one enters the foyer of our church and we first become acquainted.  It is there we can initially share and offer hope. As God draws you into relationship with us, we believe the root of that relationship grows from three very important facts:

  • Your future is more important than your past.


  • God gives a plan of hope to every person.


  • Each person in this plan of hope has been granted unique gifting to be used significantly both in the present and the future


Faith:   Faith is based on relationship – a relationship with God. Homedale Asembly serves as an environment that cultivates the development of that relationship. 

  • Our faith is grounded on the Word of God – the infallible, authoritative rule for faith and conduct.

     “We believe we can have what the Bible says we can have and  we can be what it says we can be –  therefore,  at every opportunity we receive into our hearts  the infallible, unfailing, unchanging word of God.”

“Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God” (Romans 10:17). We need the opportunity to have faith built into our lives through a systematic Bible study in a secure, comfortable environment.


Love:  People are looking for more than a ‘friendly’ church.  They are actually searching for close friends within the protective environment that a faith-based community can provide. We want to ’Welcome You Home’ where you become part of our family.  Healthy families always surround each other with love, encouragement and hope.  

  • You will be valued and the focus of our ministries.


  • We will embrace all people with the goal of developing close relationships and friendships.

Anyone who has accepted Christ is a member of His family and is now a ‘sacred sibling’bonded by love.



  • Exaltation: It is through the activity of worship that we enter into the home where God dwells and is known as “Our Father”. Worship is meaningful, relevant and a celebration of our relationship with Him as His children.


  • Evangelization:We have an outward focus to reach our community and the world with the Gospel message of hope that transforms a life. We want you  to experience the great joy of a life transformed by a relationship with Christ.


  • Embracing:  Since people seek not just a ‘friendly’ church but rather a friend in the church, we desire to build relationship with you  and incorporate you into our ‘family’.


  • Equipping:   God has a plan and purpose for you and He wants you to fulfill it in this world.  We assist and encourage the development of your life to the potential God has created in you. 

  • Empowering:  We all find our  greatest significance by being actively involved in ministry. We want to find opportunities for you to be released into the ministry that best fits your giftedness.


    Every ministry and activity of Homedale Assembly of God flows from these values and principles.