Ministry programs to various groups often change due to dynamics of culture, gender, age and interest. Ministry philosophy and principles do not vary or change!

We are in the process of developing ministries for every age group and are releasing leaders to develop each ministry as they become equipped and trained to effectively minister to these groups.

Our foundational ministry philosophy and principles;

Ministries to Children:

We at Homedale Assembly of God believe that when ministering to children, we are affecting a future beyond our reach! God has a plan and purpose for every child! It is our responsibility to help our children develop the principles and values to reach their fullest spiritual, mental and physical potential. We are careful to utilize programs and ministry tools to assist them in reaching these goals

Ministries to Youth:

During the teens, youth are moving forward in a process of dynamic developmental change. These changes are physical, mental, emotional–every area of their lives! Our Youth Ministry is designed to Win, Build and Send. Win—discovering a life-changing relationship with Christ. Build—maturing as they discover their purpose and developing values and skills to achieve their God-given potential. Send—presenting opportunities to us their particular gifts, talents and training to change our world through local, national, orinternational ministry activities.

Ministries to Adults:

Every adult needs relationship building activities that provide friends in the church within the protective environment of afaith-based community. We believe that systematic Bible Study helps us to grow in faith as we discover basic solutions to the issues we all face.

Homedale Assembly of God emphasizes ministry to men as a priority. This ministry is vital not only to the church but to the community. A view of statistics concerning any community will show that almost every problem from violent crimes to child neglect or abuse to drug abuse is somehow related to a man whose life is jeopardizing his family and future generations by his behavior. When ministry focuses on the needs of men, then that ministry can bring challenges and changes to men that ultimately will be a positive effect for his family, his community and even to the world at large.

Service Times and Location

15 W. Montana Ave.
Homedale, ID 83628

Sunday Services

9am and 11am
Kids and Nursery Sunday Service starts at 11am


Wednesday Service

Service Starts at 7pm
Kids and Nursery Service at 7pm.


Nursery Ages 3-5 years of age.

Children Ministries Ages 6-12

Youth Ages 13-18