What to Expect When You Visit  Homedale Assembly of God


At Homedale Assembly of God, you can expect a time to meet with God and make new relationships. We think of ourselves as a family, and we would enjoy your company as we celebrate the God who created us. We know that a first time visit to a church can be intimidating. A lot of questions rise before taking a step in the door: Will I be welcomed’? ‘What time should I get there and what should I wear’? ‘Should I bring my children and where do they go’? ‘Should I bring money’? ‘Will people ignore me’?


In order to ease your mind, we answer those questions below: 


What Should I Arrive?


Our service begins at 10:45am and concludes by 12:30pm.   Immediately following our time of worship children and youth will be dismissed to attend special services just for them.

After the worship service, Homedale Assembly of God provides an opportunity to become better acquainted by asking each person to visit with us while enjoying some refreshments. 


Handicap Accessibility


All activities at Homedale Assembly of God are handicap accessible. 


What to Wear


You don’t need to worry about what you look like,come as you are. The people who attend our churches are from all types of backgrounds, and bring their own uniqueness to our service. No one is worried about style of clothing, or being dressed up. People come to church as they are comfortable. If you feel more comfortable in a dress or suit, wear one. If you would rather wear jeans and a t-shirt, that is great.   


Walking in the Door


 When you arrive at Homedale Assembly of God we will have people to greet and welcome you to our services. They are available for questions and will escort you and your children to the area of your interest. 





We will give opportunity during worship service for giving tithes and offerings.  However, no one is ever obligated to contribute.  We believe giving not only supplies for the operation our local assembly, but generous giving to the globe-encircling work of the Assemblies of God declares,“God comes first.”  Giving is simply an act of worship that recognizes God’s blessing and expresses our faith in His promise to provide.